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Detoxification Procedures

Fennel Tea : 2 tsps of fennel in 1ltr of water boil them and add jaggery to your taste and at least drink 1.5lts of water daily.

Broccoli Soup: 50gm Cabbage + 50gm Broccoli+ 1 Onion + 4 lobules of garlic + required quantity- boil the content. Filter the content and drink the boil water. Smash and make a soup with the remaining boiled content. Add Saiyndav salt and have it.

Rice Soups: wash rice and pressure cook with 5 cups of water. Drain the rice water and save rice. The rice water should be simmered down to the 3 cups. Add Salt and serve hot.

Barley water: 2 tsps of Barley seeds in 1 lit of water boil them and filter it. Drink the Filtered water.

Tapioca Soups: soak ½ half cup of tapioca. Add ½ cup soaked Tapioca in ½ lit of water and boil them. Add salt and serve it warm or chilled.

Jowar Soups: 2tsps of Jowar seeds in 1 lit of water boil them and filter it. Add Saiyndav salt in required quantity and serve it.